INTRODUCING: Codex Leicester 

Codex Leicester are a four piece band who formed 2010. They comprise Dave Fellows (Guitar) Kris Tearse (Drums/Vocals) Tiernan Welch (Bass) and Scott West (Guitar/Vocals).

Hailing from Leicester and  collectively made up from previous bands Death of London, Pacific Ocean Fire, Motion Picture Soundtrack and Public Relations Exercise.

Codex provide you with enough skewed vocals and unsettling riffs to introduce  you to the notion that something is about to sonically erupt. Just when you think ‘you’ve got the measure on Codex’ head’ they defy expectation by 360 degrees with their unique blend of tightly wound, art-metal twisted post-hardcore.    

These guys are fantastic, look out for more updates on them and a release coming very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this video!